Principal Message

Darryl Denhalter

Dear Columbia Elementary Family!

I feel it to be an honor and privilege to serve as the principal at Columbia Elementary. Columbia has a great history of dedicated administrators, teachers and school employees, as well as very supportive families and community.

At Columbia, we believe in educating the whole child in a positive and innovative learning environment. We are a BOLD school, in that while we focus on our learning objectives, we blend old school wisdom with new school technologies. We implement Mindfulness strategies because we understand the importance of helping students learn life skills that support social and emotional well-being. We focus primarily on three school rules, Be Safe, Kind, and Reliable. We believe that following those three rules will create a successful school environment and will ultimately lead to happy and productive lives for the students.

I encourage all of us to do our best to help Columbia Elementary's students continually strive to improve and excel as we model this through our own example. Thank you for working together to create an amazing learning environment. Columbia Elementary is a great school because of our united effort and focus.

Principal Darryl Bond Denhalter Ed.D

My Recent Publications:

Submitted for Publication: (2021) You Are Making a Greater Impact than You May Think -A few supportive thoughts from a veteran principal

Co-Authored Book: Mayes, C. (2020). Archetype, Culture, and the Individual in Education: The Three Pedagogical Narratives, Routledge Publishing.

Denhalter, D. B. (2020). Holistic Approaches to State School Grading Systems. BYU ScholarsArchive.